Mary Miller - The Ancient Secrets To Personal Transformation

01 February 2014 09:30 AM till 04:30 PM

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We are delighted to invite you to this exclusive 1-day seminar with Mary Miller, founder of I Ching systems, accomplished speaker and Natural Health freedom advocate.


This is a ticket-only event and is sure to be a sell-out thanks to the limited 1-day seminars Mary will be teaching this year. The cost of the seminar is usually $40, however tickets purchased here will be only $20 for a limited time only, saving you 50%.

We live in an organized universe based on electromagnetic energies. The more you know about these forces, the more you can control the outcome of your own life. We attract whatever we are. To transform ourselves, we must literally change our subatomic particles. The ancient Chinese Book of Changes, the I Ching, holds the secrets for transforming one’s life.


Join us in Miami for information based on over 30 years of studying the human consciousness as an electromagnetic entity. You will learn :

-         How the binary math codes found in the I Ching Hexagrams are the basis of the universe

-         The essential elements in recovering from past hurts and harm.

-         How your electromagnetic signature determines the outcome of your life.

-         Learn more about how and why you attracted your family members, your work conditions and your finances.

-         How these simple six line Hexagrams are essential to altering each person’s signature.


This seminar is a “peek into the crack in the cosmic egg.” If you are serious about wanting to understand your life and your surroundings from a new and empowering perspective, you will not want to miss this event. We will also cover the energies and influences of 2014

Register today and ensure 2014 will be your best year ever.



01 February 2014

9:30 AM

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Mary Miller Miami
Miami Airport Marriott
United States